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Hospital Tea Shop Volunteers


The Montagu Hospital tea shop was officially opened in November 1959 by Mr E.D. Turner who was President of the Comforts Fund for many years. The tea shop was opened in the outpatients department where tea coffee and biscuits were provided.


Since that time the tea shop has grown in size and now provides snacks and sandwiches for all users of the hospital. It is operated by between thirty and forty volunteers who cover shifts of two to three hours each week to staff the tea shop between the hours of nine and four each day from Monday to Friday.


The profits of the tea shop have gradually increased and the most recent figures show net profits of £16,000 on a turnover of almost £50,000 per year. This compares favourably with the turnover in the year ended 31st March 1961 which was £70.The profits of the tea shop are added to the Comforts Fund bank balances and are then available for purchasing items for the hospital.


The role of the tea shop co-ordinator is vital to the smooth running of the tea shop with a large volunteer force working at different shift times to manage as well as organising the food & drink to ensure stock levels are be maintained. The co-ordinators role is effectively the running of a small business and we have been fortunate to have had very capable people in the post of co-ordinator. Marion Sanderson undertook the role for a long period of time and she was followed by Marjorie Stokes who was in charge for a number of years. The first male co-ordinator was Carl Griffiths, who sadly died a few years ago.The current joint co-ordinators are Pam Hutton and Jean Hesketh who are doing an excellent job spending many hours each week ensuring that the tea shop runs smoothly and provides a first class service to all customers.


Due to the increased level of trade the tea shop co-ordinator is currently looking to increase the number of volunteers.

Interested parties can find contact details at the tea shop next to the main reception at the Montagu hospital.